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Are you looking for a safe way to express your deepest self with ease and comfort? Have you always wanted to play music, but thought you didn't have the “talent?”  Have you been playing music for years, but feeling stale and rigid?  Are you looking for a way to bring peaceful, joyous music into your family? Let the Native American Flute be the transport for your journey!  Unlike most popular instruments, the Native American Flute produces beautiful tones the moment you breathe into it.  The basics are so easy, that most students are playing and composing their own music by the end of the first class-even if they have no previous musical experience. The ease of the Native American Flute, and its beautiful sound, bypass our hang-ups and musical inhibitions, allowing for more direct and satisfying musical expression throughout the process of learning and growing with the instrument. Children love to play and to listen to the Flute.  In my opinion, it is far superior to the cheap, squeaky, difficult plastic recorders commonly wielded by reluctant elementary school teachers. Although an easy, practical notation system has been devised for the instrument, and it is quite possible to play any popular tune on the Native American Flute, many have found that it is much more satisfying and liberating to begin with improvisation (“making it up as you go along”) and composing their own songs.  Yet it's easy to lose interest, ideas, and motivation without structure and support.  That's why I developed a Native American Flute curriculum based on a series of improvisation and songwriting exercises that simultaneously build creativity and skill.  Group workshops are filled with breath giving inspiration, and individual lessons provide intense focus. Are you ready to start your Flute Journey? Call me or email for more information about workshops, classes, lessons, and concerts in your area. Andrew Markus Bishko
  At the Alaska Flute Circle, we often reminisce of our encounters and ever-widening experiences with the Native American Flute... Andrew Markus plays Littleleaf & Stellar flutes. Links: Charles Littleleaf: flutemaker, player, recording artist www.littleleaf.com Stellar Flutes: flutemakers www.stellarflutes.com International Native American Flute Association www.inafa.org
The Native American Flute
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